Remember that classic phrase found on stickers on VHS tapes and as part of the Blockbuster marketing campaign. This phrase is one my kids will never know or understand due to advancements in technology.

But stop and think about the message this phrase sent. As a young child, I was forced to STOP and THINK about the consequences of my actions and how it would affect other people. If I wasn’t kind by rewinding the video tape, I would be fined. A worker would have to take the time to rewind it or the next customer would have to.

Just that sticker on the video tape caused me to step outside of myself and do something to help someone else out. What a valuable reminder!

It is also telling that as a society there was a fine for not doing your part and “showing kindness”. What happened to those days when there were negative results and fines for being unkind? Although there are still threads of this that do exist today, the times have surely changed more away from it.

We now live in a world where people are so entitled to do and get what they want when and how the want it that we often forget to “be kind”. We loose sight that our desires might have a negative ripple affect on others. We get so focused on “I” that we miss the opportunity of “We and Us” as a positive in life.

I encourage you to revisit the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would want them to do to you.” Using this as a guide in life will help you step out of this entitled world and into a world that still sees the value in “Be kind…Please rewind”. Doing this can bring on a whole different quality of life that is much more fulfilling and enjoyable!