My husband and I have a Thanksgiving journal that we write in every Thanksgiving. We list the things each member of our family is thankful for that year. We’ve only done it a couple of years, but it is a fun way to focus on the positives in our lives. I like to think that as our kids get older we can look back and laugh at the years past and reminisce.

It is sad, but many people forget to be thankful. Our society is so critical and negative. Things are almost always never good enough.

This mentality causes us to be discontent and loose sight of all the wonderful blessings we have around us. In order for me to shift this instinct within myself I have an app on my iPhone called “Gratitude Rock” which helps me have Thanksgiving everyday—without the calories of course!! It is a journal of positive thoughts where you can log what you are grateful for. I love it!

As I strive to fight my personal discontent in life, I challenge you to adopt my “AT LEAST” principle. It is where you fill in the blank “At least….” after you complain or experience some discontent. This mentality helps you shift your negative thinking.

Let’s strive to be grateful more than one time a year—it can make life much more positive!