I’m guilty of it. I take advantage of the holiday to reach out to people I have lost touch with. I create extra special memories with my family.

I show extra care for loved ones by picking out gifts that will make them smile. I take time to write an extra special note to my kid’s teacher. I dance and sing more. I reflect on the year and set goals and dreams for the next.


Why do so many of us save it all for Christmas time rather than spreading it out through the whole year? I am reminded of this every time the song “Don’t save it all for Christmas day” by Celine Dion comes across my ipod .

What would it be like if we had a Christmas spirit all year long? What if we did all the “extras” randomly instead of at the expected time of the holidays?

Wouldn’t it mean more to give a random gift to someone you care about “just because” in the middle of April? Or imagine the magic and joy of Christmas in August when you do create a fun family tradition.

One thing I have fought HARD this year with living in Florida at Christmas time is to remember that Christmas cheer is a mindset. It isn’t about the chill in the air, the snow on the ground, or the upcoming events that are planned with loved ones. It is the choice to do the extras with love. The choice to find beauty in all the simplicities around you. It is the choice to give, be thankful, and focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

I know many people do not have Christmas cheer and look at the holidays with a “Bah-humbug” attitude. But I encourage all of us for this holiday season and for the months of 2014 to choose a Christmas spirit focused on simple love, gratitude, and kindness for anyone around us.

Merry Christmas!