It is SO easy to find out almost anything, anytime these days. Technology is amazing! Someone has a question…just Google it. Want to know the weather for your vacation next week, check your weather app. Wondering what your best friend is doing…check Facebook.

It is easy to be connected to the world through technology. You can catch up on world news, the weather, and what old friends and family members are doing anytime.

So I challenge you to think about this….does being SO connected to technology result in you being more disengaged from the people you are in the same room with?

How many minutes a day are you connected to technology rather than being connected to your loved ones under your own roof?

Do you spend at least the same number of minutes talking with your spouse about the happenings in his/her day as you do seeing what everyone was up to through social networking?

Imagine if you spent at least the same number of minutes talking and having quality time with your family as you do with your smart phone…the connection in your relationships will most likely improve!

Being connected with technology does not compare to the close intimate connection of quality time with a loved one.

It is now 2014 and it is a chance to set some goals of how you want your year to be. Do you want to look back at the end of the year and treasure all the special times you were engaged and connected with your family? Or look back and see all you did with technology?

Here’s to a more engaged year in 2014! Happy New Year!