My Frozen obsession continues 🙂

Frozen isn’t your typical love story. At first you think it might be with the whirlwind romance between Princess Anna and Prince Hans. But then you realize it is all a fraud and she was just caught up in her abandonment issues that she couldn’t see the dangerous impulsivity of falling for him so quickly.

The story shows us that true love is really about sacrifice and perseverance.

Anna loved her sister Elsa so much that she was willing to sacrifice herself in the end to save Elsa. She wasn’t selfish. She could have saved herself, but instead she saved her sister. True love was shedding herself in a healthy way (not a codependent way) in order to freely give to another.

We also see Princess Anna’s true love for Elsa when she doesn’t give up at trying to connect with her. Anna lived a life where she was constantly cutoff and rejected by Elsa.

Anna could have lived in bitterness and said good bye to Elsa forever when Elsa ran away. But Anna didn’t.

Anna had compassion and empathy for her sister. She realized WHY Elsa had been isolated for so long. Instead of taking it all so personally and feeling like a victim, she looked at it from Elsa’s side and went after her.

We see this when Anna says to Elsa in “For The First Time in Forever (Reprise)”:

“You don’t have to protect me I’m not afraid
Please don’t shut me out again,
Please don’t slam the door
You don’t have to keep your distance anymore

Cause for the first time in forever,
I finally understand
For the first time in forever,
We can fix this hand in hand

We can head down this mountain together
You don’t have to live in fear
Cause for the first time in forever,
I will be right here”

See how Anna is inviting and encouraging Elsa to accept her help and love. Anna shows perseverance. After all the years of rejection, she kept trying to connect with Elsa.

Elsa had a lot to learn about vulnerability and love before she finally was able to accept love from others. Once she was able to embrace her differences and be ok with being vulnerable to the world about her differences, she could finally love herself which ended in her being able to give and receive love from others. She had to look past her shame issues and see herself as worthy of love before she could open herself up to be loved.

How often do you give sacrificially- without strings attached- to show your love? Do you push thru the walls of a loved ones issues in order to connect with them? Or do you take their rejection of you personally and reject them back?

True love isn’t about taking and “What do I GET” out of this. True love is about GIVING.

So many great lessons that apply for all of us…even if you don’t watch Disney movies 🙂

I hope you have been able to relate to the lessons from Frozen about abandonment issues, shame, and true love. That wraps up my lessons from Frozen series. Thanks for reading!