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I can’t believe that we moved almost a year ago. Where did the time go?

I remember all the fear, second guessing, and at the same time the excitement and adventurous feeling that filled my brain.

As I look back at this huge trek of moving our family from Indiana to Florida, I evaluate all the growth that has happened for me and my family.

There were hard times. There were awesome and unexpected blessings. And through them all there has been tremendous change.

I didn’t realize how complacent I was in my life in Indiana and my roles until I was away from it. I was stuck in my groove of normal. The routines were predictable. The plans were steady. Life was known. I was protected from change.

Don’t get me wrong….life was good in Indiana. But I was floating through my life. I lacked intention.

With this crazy life change, I am a different me. I can honestly say that if someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be who I am today- I would have bet money that they were wrong. Why? Because I feared this life.

This life is not predictable. This life is constantly unknown. This life is full of change. But at the same time it is FULL of growth.

I realize now how scared I’ve been in my life to allow change. I’ve often become derailed by change in the past.

But now I have a totally different mindset about change…Yes change maybe hard and scary. But I embrace it because allowing the change brings freedom, a deepening faith, and a healthier me. Me allowing the change in my life ended up changing my life.

Change- you are a scary friend, but I welcome you into my life. Thank you for changing my life!