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People who really love each other should automatically communicate well..right? WRONG!

Unfortunately I have worked with many people who believe this lie. They are hurt and disappointed in their relationships believing that loving someone enough will conquer all communication struggles.
Reality is people don’t generally learn at a young age how to communicate effectively with others in ways that deepen and strengthen relationships. Remember the toddler stages and saying the phrase : “Use your words”. Good communication does not come naturally for most people. They have to be taught.

Many of us learn very unhealthy ways of communication from various role models in our lives. Then we continue to communicate in unhealthy ways because it’s all we know.

Healthy communication takes great understanding and insight into your own issues, knowing your background and history, how you are the way you are, including your ‘hot spots’ as well as your ‘blind spots’.

Learning how to communicate in an open and healthy way is one essential component to the growth of a relationship, and takes dedication and work to change. Take one step at a time and keep practicing every chance you get!