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Although movies are intended for entertainment, it is amazing how many life lessons can be drawn from them when you dig deep. When you watch movies, do you allow them to teach you something?

When I watch The Wizard of Oz, I get overwhelmed with many life applications.

To be honest, this movie still makes me feel a little anxious! As a kid, I had big time fears of the wicked witch. I clearly remember times I would leave the room when someone was watching it, but ask them to call me in when she was “melting”. I needed that visual picture in my head that my fear was gone!

That being said, even in the midst of my fear, I have found a powerful life lesson! Dorothy was on a mission to get home. She could see Oz in the distance when she was in Munchkin land, but had a long journey to travel to get there.

Her journey served her well, as she met friends, conquered fears, and gathered much needed information  to help her defeat the enemy. Had she taken a helicopter to Oz from Munchkin land, she would have missed out on all of that.

We can learn a lot from Dorothy’s journey. Much like she did, we can embrace that we have goals in our lives and have to travel a journey to get there. At times we might wish to have a helicopter or quick fix, but just like Dorothy we might NEED to experience things along the way to give us tools for our future. Or we might find friendships and supports along the way who would never be part of your life otherwise.

God makes this clear in the Bible as well. What we experience- good, bad, or ugly- all has a purpose for us to be refined and closer to Him.

Rushing through our journey and trials could cause us to miss out on the the life lessons and changes God is needing us to make. Even in our adversity, we find that the pressure can refine us and give us necessary skills in life we might not have learned without the trail we faced.

Slow down and walk on your yellow brick road.  Embrace the journey so you don’t miss out on some life changing experiences!