Difficult people are everywhere in this world! It is inevitable that you will come across someone daily who is hard to deal with.

One type of difficult person to deal with is The Openly Aggressive Person.

This person can be a challenge to get along with. They tend use their aggression to intimidate and get their way. They have a hard time opening up to people to express their real feelings under their rage. They tend to be unpredictable and cause tension.

When dealing with an openly aggressive person make sure you do NOT take their abuse. Refuse to argue and don’t react to their rage. Also don’t run away either. They feel more powerful when you do.

Try to be direct and assertive in your communication and remain calm. Keep your confidence on the outside (even if you are shaking on the inside!) Make sure you stick to the facts and don’t talk about any assumptions. This will give you power when they get off track and overreact.

The biggest power you have is when you keep your emotions in check and don’t give your emotional power to them. The moment you loose control is the moment they get control of you.

I know this kind of situation will send many people’s anxiety through the roof. Remember to breathe and that you can only control you.

It is always ok to end the conversation if it is emotionally abusive or going in circles. Calmly let them know that you can continue to discuss this when he/she is calm and to let you know when they are ready to talk again. Then remove yourself from the conversation.

Good luck friends! Stay strong and keep your power in situations like this!