Day after day I hear people talk about the difficulty they have with letting things go.

Sometimes it’s related to codependency and the trouble they have with not controlling others. Sometimes it’s when a person has trouble with an addict in their life. Others just have trouble letting go of old wounds and resentments.

Here’s a few truths to remember about letting go:

  • When people let go some might think they are in denial, in reality they are in a state of acceptance that they can’t change anything but themselves.
  • Part of letting go means you admit your own part to a problem and remembering you might not be a victim in this situation if you caused some of the problems. This means you aren’t judging and criticizing others, but just looking at yourself.
  • Letting go is an act of self love. It’s accepting that you can’t control the future and might have to roll with things one step at a time. Letting go does not mean you get your way every time.
  • It means we don’t enable others. Letting go allows others to experience the growth opportunities they may need to learn from their mistakes.
  • Letting go allows us to admit we don’t have control of others and many things around us. The only thing you can control is you.
  • There is freedom in letting go. Not to be too cheesy, but we all saw the freedom Elsa experienced when she was able to be true to who she was inside when she let it go. 🙂

Remember letting go is an important part of healthy living. If you don’t practice letting go, life can become heavy with all the negative things you carry inside!