I’ve worn glasses for years and often walk around without noticing all the dirt and grime that has built up on them. Once I finally notice and take the time to clean my glasses, I have that moment when I put them back on and I realize just down dirty they were.

Once they’re clean, things look clearer. Brighter. A little more fresh.

How often do we get stuck in the same dingy outlook on life that can taint our ability to see things clearly?


I work with clients everyday who need new lenses. They get stuck in the same toxic thought patterns and are unable to look at what is really happening.

Some are stuck with perfectionistic lenses. They look around and see all that is not taken care of up to their standards and feel anxiety to get it done.

Some are stuck with catastrophe lenses. Every scenario gets spiraled into the worst possible outcome.

Others are stuck in negative lenses. Nothing is good. Not one thing. There is always a “yeah, but” to something positive.

Naive lenses are just as risky to wear. These glasses cause you to rationalize reality and sometimes trust when you shouldn’t. Wearing these glasses can end up with someone getting taken advantage of or being hurt.

Codependent lenses are common too as they cause people to only see who others want them to be in order to make other people happy. These lenses go one step further as they have a “camouflage” feature. They cause someone to change their identity to be what others want similar to a chameleon.

Lenses of shame are some of the most toxic to wear. Similar to a fun house mirror, they distort reality into a twisted new picture.They cause people to see themselves as worthless and not good enough. They cause a person to compare, get defensive, and spiral into a pit that inflicts negative self talk that is nearly abusive.

We all have a collection of lenses we wear based on the things we’ve seen and experienced. Have yours built up dirt and grime and need to be washed with a new perspective?

Take a step back and see if you need some new lenses. It maybe time for to get rid of your old glasses and start fresh with a new perspective.