While meeting with my doctor this week for a routine physical, I received an unexpected self-care pep talk. As my doctor was asking about my stress levels, it became clear that I am out of balance and I am not doing a great job of practicing what I preach to all of you!

As our time continued we both shared about the struggles of being in a helping profession and the tendency to put everyone’s needs above our own. It reminded me of all the times I’ve told my clients that you can’t be healthy in your relationships if you aren’t healthy.

So after my prep talk, I got to make a choice. I could walk away and give excuses as to why this season exists and I have no other option. Or I could throw the excuses away and prioritize time to take care of myself and get re-balanced.

Here are 4 simple things I am going to do this week to help me back on track:

  • Exercise- this is like medicine to me. I feel so much better when I have taken the time to get my heart pumping and listen to some good music. My head always feel clears afterwards. 30 minutes is not too much to sacrifice.
  • Go to bed early- I am wasting so much valuable time doing things that DON’T matter in the evening. I don’t watch too much TV, but I do spend more time on technology that I should. This week I am going to unplug and get a little more sleep.
  • Say ‘No’ to something- Sometimes I feel pulled in 10 directions at once! It is hard to manage and prioritize all that needs to happen. This week I am committing to saying ‘No’ as an act of self-care for me and my family to have some down time.
  • Spend time with a friend- Having an hour with girlfriends talking about life, all that God is doing in our lives, and what He is teaching us is an awesome gift of self-care to me this week.

So if you do the math, this will only take an 1 1/2 hours to accomplish and I will be more rested! Easy- I’m in!

If you need any more simple tips for self-care, here are 20 super simple tips I wrote for my iMOM audience.

So what are some simple ways you can take better care of yourself this week?