Many couples think that relationships are good if they don’t have conflict, but as a therapist, I couldn’t disagree more. Fighting with your husband is a sign that a couple is sharing how they feel and working to get their needs met. This is part of the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Of course, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to fight, but when a couple has conflict they have an opportunity to grow in their relationship. Couples will never see eye-to-eye all the time in their relationship, so it is good to learn how to fight fair. Here are some tips.

Avoiding conflict will only create more intense conflict down the road because of issues that build up over time. {Tweet This} So if you fear conflict in your relationship, it’s important for you to know why it can be a good thing!

Here are 4 reasons fighting with your husband is a good thing:

1. It helps you express how you’re feeling.

Emotions build up if they aren’t processed well. I’ve worked with many people who have swept so much under the rug, they have walls of resentment that go years back. Not only is it unhealthy for an individual to hold feelings in, but it is very unhealthy for your relationship. When you keep your feelings in, you aren’t being honest with your spouse. A lack of honesty can cause major issues in a marriage. Here are 4 ways to break down walls in your marriage.

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