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Most homes have a junk drawer. Ours is the catch all for the random things in the house that don’t really have a place. At my house it seems like the junk drawer gets so piled up every few months that we have to spend some time cleaning it out and getting reorganized.

Do you have an emotional junk drawer?

Do you hang on to emotional junk that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, but aren’t ready to let go of?

Here’s a few signs it’s time to clean out your emotional junk drawer:

You are irritable

If you notice that you are on the edge and easily frustrated, it may be time to check if you’ve been hanging onto too much emotional junk.

You lack self control with your emotions

When the junk drawer is too full, it starts to spill out each time it’s opened. Emotions are no different. When there is too much going on, the emotional reactions tend to spill out in more reactive ways than they should.

You are easily overwhelmed

You know the phrase “the straw that broke the camel back”. It may only take a small stress to fill up your junk drawer causing it to need to be cleaned out.

You feel numb

Some people have so much emotion that they stop feeling all together. It’s too much to feel anything- even the good- so they go numb in order to cope.

You keep conversations at a surface level

When emotions are about to tip over the edge, you do everything you can to contain them. That’s why many people will keep everything on the surface in order to keep it together. Allowing conversations to delve below the surface could cause the whole dam to burst.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, it might be time for some spring cleaning.

It’s important to make sure you dedicate time to check in with yourself to see what emotional junk you are carrying around. Whether it’s in therapy, through journaling, prayer and meditation, or talking things through with a trusted person, purging out your emotions can create a freeing feeling and get rid of toxic emotions that are hurting you by holding onto them. Start by asking yourself, “What’s my deal?” or “What’s my problem?” and try to answer it. You might be surprised by all the things you’ve tucked away.

Remember that doing this regularly is an important act of self-care!