Anyone who knows me well, knows these 2 things about me…I love my family and I love Disney. Since I was a little girl my dreams of my future often intertwined them both. So it’s no surprise that I’ve anxiously awaited the release of Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2. Not only was the story fantastic and entertaining, but it also held some pretty incredible lessons we all can apply to our own families.

Here are some incredible lessons about family I took from watching Incredibles 2:

Family works together

The story showed us that it took the whole family to work together for a common goal. They all understood what needed to be done, and they balanced each other’s strengths and weaknesses to do it. Think about this for your own family. Each of you may have unique ways to contribute. It’s important to see how each person plays a part in your family. You should also let everyone have a voice so each person is on the same page. This builds unity and connection as a family.

Each Role Matters

I’m so thankful that each member of my family plays a special role that makes us who we are. Appreciating what each person has to contribute in your family helps everyone feel that they matter and have value. We aren’t clones of each other (thank goodness!) so it’s important to see how each individual’s strengths and weaknesses work together and adds to your family. We see this clearly in the Parr family as the rely on each other’s uniqueness to make everything work. Each person in the family has a role that matters.

Apologize when needed

Mr. Incredible didn’t get it all right when it came to parenting his teen daughter, Violet. There is a realistic scene when he admits this and apologizes to her for how he handled things. As parents, we will not be perfect. And there will be times we have great intentions to help our kids and end up hurting them instead. When this happens, it’s important to model a healthy apology. When you know you got it wrong, own it and make the amends necessary to repair the relationship. Your kids will actually respect you more for owning your mistaken than they will if you defend it. Remember that good intentions does not always equal right decisions.

It’s okay to ask for help

Mr. Incredible was overwhelmed trying to juggle everything on his own. He did whatever it took to help teach his son math, care for the baby, and meet the needs of his teen daughter, PLUS run the household while his wife was away. We saw him humble himself enough to ask for help from trusted friends when he had reached his limit.

This is a parenting reality. We all find the end of ourselves as we try to juggle the craziness of life and family. It’s important to have community and loved ones around us that can support us and fill in the gaps when we need them to. Doing this does not mean you’re failing as a parent…it means you’re human and humble enough to ask for help.

Keep your priorities focused on what matters most

As a working mom, there were times I could relate to Mrs. Incredible’s mommy guilt for being away and working to provide for her family. It can be hard to have your priorities compete against each other. It’s important to make your time and priorities match. Staying focused on what matters most helps you balance your time and choices to be intentional and not get lost in the limelight of easy distractions.

I love a great fiction story with incredible lessons for our lives. What are some other movies or books you love that have rich life lessons?