Ever been in a rut and needing to make a change? I know I have. It seems like I go in cycles every few months, and it always begins with a grand pep talk where I try to motivate myself. Sometimes it lights a fire under me, and sometimes the spark never catches on and quickly fades.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done or changes you want to make. This can lead to destructive all or nothing thinking, procrastination, and shame spirals that say, “I’m a failure”. These are toxic styles of thinking that I help my clients work through every day.

If you are struggling to stay motivated to be disciplined, need to break a bad habit, lose weight, or get yourself organized, try some of these tips to motivate yourself:

Set small milestones

Don’t focus on ALL that needs to happen. Instead set small goals that you can actually reach. Start with SOME. When we over stretch our goals, we can easily get discouraged and give up. Set yourself up for success by starting with baby steps.

Reward yourself

Acknowledging your efforts feels good. Doing this along the way can help motivate yourself to keep going. Pick small rewards that you look forward to and get excited to reach.

Get others involved

Accountability can make a huge difference in motivation. I’m more likely to follow through and stay focused when I know someone is going to ask me about it. The power of accountability can fuel change and keep you on track.

Keep a positive attitude

Some days you might fall off the wagon, but don’t let a negative attitude pull you backwards. Instead look at all you’ve done, and stop dwelling on all that’s ahead. A positive attitude can keep you motivated and focused on your accomplishments more than your failures.

Stay focused

Distractions can take you off your path. Try placing reminders and pictures around to make you think about your goal often. For some, visualization helps to stay motivated. It’s also good to know your weak points so you can be proactive to combat them as they come up.

Remember your ‘why’

Sometimes we get so focused on something that we forget WHY we’re even doing it. Think about your mission and what the actual purpose is to accomplish something. This can give you healthier convictions to meet your goal and stay focused on the path to get there.

I hope these tips help motivate you to stay focused on your goals and to be intentional about each step along the way!

What are some of the biggest distractions that keep you from staying motivated?