Is it possible to love someone TOO much?

Yes… and it’s very damaging for someone when they do. Loving someone is a great thing, but when it crosses the line to a self-destructive place, you’re loving too much.

Here’s a few situations you could end up in when you love someone too much:

  • You might smother people and cling in a relationship because you “need” them so much.
  • You’re devastated when a relationship ends or experience paranoia that one might end.
  • You might try to control others because of needing so much from them and try to change them to meet your needs.
  • You often love others more than yourself. This results with you sacrificing your own needs to make everyone else happy. This can pave a path to resentment down the road.
  • You tend to be more insecure and struggle with self-worth and self-acceptance.
  • You find yourself being taken advantage of or even in abusive situations.
  • You tend to settle for or rationalize negative and hurtful things from others. After all, “they didn’t mean it. They are just having a bad day.”
  • You dismiss your feelings, opinions, and desires to avoid conflict with others.
  • You might give more in a relationship than your partner.
  • You aren’t quite sure who YOU are because you become who everyone else wants you to be.
As you can see from these examples, loving someone too much can end in personal pain and it can also result in the person you love to distance and need space from the pressure your love puts on them.
Can you relate to any of these? If so, it may be time to look at and understand codependency issues and how they impact your relationships.
Sitting down with a professional to guide you through the process can lead to hope and recovery. You can learn healthy boundaries and ways to love yourself and love others at the same time. There is hope!