How do you respond to a simple question like “How are you?” Do you respond with an overwhelming tone that says “Busy” followed by a deep sigh? If you’re like most people in our society, you probably feel like life is a never ending list of to do’s and that your every moment tends to get filled with something. These are signs of being too busy.

Some people see it as a badge of honor and as a way to feel important. Some have a fear of missing out. Others are too busy because they struggle with boundaries and take on too much. Whatever the underlying driver for your busyness, it’s important for you to understand how it can be damaging to you and those around you.

Here’s 7 risks of being too busy:

 Your relationships suffer

Being too busy can have a big impact on the ones closest to you. They may feel like you aren’t present, always distracted, and not engaged. Often we are busy “for” those we love the most. We are working hard to provide, to give our kids amazing experiences, and trying to be the best and please everyone. The irony is that the relationships you think you’re working so hard for are missing an important piece…YOU!

Your physical health declines

Being too busy creates more stress. More stress equals a decline in your health. Your immune system may not be as strong because you aren’t resting properly and taking moments to pause. Also being too busy may mean that your ability to ensure healthy eating and exercise in your life is more challenging. Being too busy is bad for your health.

You just get by

Do you ever feel like you have too much going on that you do it all half way just to get by? The risk of this is that you may lack excellence in what you do because there are too many expectations on you in your busy life. You check the box and miss out living with intention.

You have very little margin

When you’re too busy in life, there’s not much room for you to add anything. Plus there’s absolutely NO room for an emergency that requires your attention. Having little margin creates more stress in your life.

You miss out on fun

When life is so focused on the to do’s, there’s less opportunity for fun and spontaneity. You just run from one thing to the next and try to enjoy the journey without being stressed for time to make it to the next thing.

You lose your passion

Burn out is a real issue when you’re too busy. You may notice that what used to be fun isn’t anymore. What used to be a calling and motivate you to get to work each day is losing it’s luster. Be careful that busyness may steal your passion in life.

Life is not fulfilling

When life is too busy, life is not as fulfilling. Make sure that you seek balance and take moments to pause in your life to get back on track.

There are too many good things that you could invest your time in, but that doesn’t mean they are all the best options for you. Think about what makes your life so busy and pivot some of your choices to get into a slower lane in life.

What underlying issues drive your busyness in life?