Have you ever had tunnel vision and got completely sucked into something that you didn’t realized what’s happening around you?

Maybe you ran into something while walking and texting. Or maybe someone was talking to you and you had no clue because you were watching tv. It could also be that someone is so focused on a goal with work that they don’t realize how distracted they are at home. Someone struggling with addiction has tunnel vision and they tend to miss the impact it’s having on others around them.

Sometimes people get lost in what they are striving for that they loose sight of the bigger picture. Do you ever get so engrossed in something that your world around you suffers? Do you accidentally hurt others or yourself because of your tunnel vision?

Here’s some ways tunnel vision can impact your relationship:

It communicates your priorities wrongly

When you are so focused on something, you could inadvertently tell loved ones around you that they aren’t as important. How you spend your time tells others what your priorities are.

It keeps you tuned out

Being so dialed into something can cause you to miss what’s going on around you. It can cause miscommunication and disconnection from your environment.

You become less empathetic

When you have tunnel vision, you may only focus on what matters to you and not show that you care about the priorities of those around you.

It keeps you from seeing things clearly

Zoning in on something tends to blur things in your periphery. In relationships, this can happen through assuming something, miscommunication, and selfishness.

It keeps you self-focused

Relationships require both people to care for each other. When someone is too self-focused in a relationship, it can feel imbalanced and send the message that everything is all about you.


Whether it’s work, earning money, being caught up in an addiction, meeting a personal goal, distractions from screen time, or even helping someone, make sure you broaden your view away from tunnel vision to see the ripple effect your actions might have on your relationships.