Do you want a healthy balance in your life? It is hard to accomplish when there is so much to do and so much you’d love to do.

I love spending time with my family. I love time with my husband- especially at the beach. I truly love my job. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I love studying the Bible. I love a day trip to Disney. I love the idea of sitting and drinking coffee for hours with a friend. I love reading books and learning new concepts. I love teaching my kids something new and playing with them. I love time with my small group and church family. The list could go on and on.

If only I could spend all my time doing these things I love, instead of being hit with the realities of all I have to do in life. Adulting can be so hard!

Loving so many things in life makes it hard for me to choose my time wisely and have balance. There are so many options of what I would love to do, I don’t get a chance to do them all very often. If I attempted to do them all frequently, I would become stretched too thin and get overwhelmed. This is not a healthy balance in life.

When there is a war for your time between what you love and what you have to do, these tips may help you create more of a healthy balance in your life:

Choose the best YES

Sometimes all the options for your time are ‘good’. This can be overwhelming to decide what is best. When your options are overwhelming you, look for the best “YES” for your time. This means you will need to set boundaries with yourself and others. Maybe you need to say ‘no’ to your internal perfectionist and lower your standards to free up some time. Maybe you need to say ‘no’ to a friend who is always taking advantage of you so you can focus on time with your work. Maybe you need to say ‘no’ to your kids sometimes, so you and your spouse can have more quality time. Saying NO to something allows you to say YES to something else that is more of a priority. Choosing your No’s carefully is helpful to help you have a healthy balance in your life.

Figure out what means most

If you’re like me and fight the clock with figuring out what you need to do and what you want to do, try making a priority list to help guide your time management decisions.  Then go back over it and ask yourself how much time you really spend doing those things you say you value the most. This exercise can be eye opening and reveal that things you say are a priority don’t get much of your time. If the amount of time spent doesn’t match the importance of the priority- you will not have a healthy balance in your life.

Take time for self-care

Balance is an act of self-care that is important. It decreases stress and helps you feel well-rounded. It also allows you to feel more fulfilled. This doesn’t mean you have to take a whole day at the spa and spend a bunch of money. Self-care can even be sitting and being still for 5 minutes if you’re a person always on the go. Self-care can be keeping a gratitude journal. Self-care is also ‘soul care’ which is doing things that fill you up and renew your mind and soul, rather than a temporary relief of momentary stress. Self-care may also be not procrastinating and knocking something big off the list so it isn’t stressing you out anymore. If you need some simple ideas for self-care, here’s an article I wrote for iMOM with a list for moms. And remember these will work for anyone- not just moms!

Making a few changes with boundaries, refocusing on your priorities, and taking care of yourself can have a big impact on creating a healthy balance in your life.

Is one of these areas challenging for you?