Are you looking for Mr or Mrs Right to share your life with? Dating can be such a hard process that can feel like a roller coaster.

I’ve worked with many people as they have traveled the ups and downs of the dating world. Many enter it with fear due to being hurt in past relationships and wondering if they will end up there again.

Relationships have no guarantees, and there will likely be times that you get hurt and/or hurt the one you love. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them, but it does mean you should be aware enough to make a wise decision if a person it the right one for you.

Tips to remember when looking for Mr or Mrs Right

 If you want to attract a healthy and complete person then you need to be one.

I love the kid’s book by Shel Silverstein called “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O”. This book clearly shows the importance of this tip.You can watch a short animated version of it here.

Being a “Big O” means that you are a whole and complete person rolling through life without the need for someone to complete you. You don’t have any missing pieces for someone to fill.That doesn’t mean you are perfect and without flaws. It is about managing your emotional issues, living a balanced life, and not being too needy for others, because you are able to manage your own needs well.

Know the difference between want and need

Of course it is great to have a companion in life, this is a normal human desire. But at times people can lean too much on others to ‘complete them’ that they create an unhealthy relationship where the other person feels pressure and smothered to rescue their partner. It is healthier to “want” someone, rather than “need” them.

Pay attention to pink and red flags

Everyone has issues, so it’s important to pay attention to them when looking for Mr or Mrs Right. It isn’t about looking at them under a microscope and over-analyzing. But it is important be aware and making sure you aren’t rationalizing away some major red flags that are non-negotiables.

Make your non-negotiables clear

Having standards is a good thing when it comes to looking for Mr or Mrs Right. If you aren’t clear about your values and your ‘must have’s’ or ‘must not have’ list, you may end up settling for someone that is not right for you.

If you’re looking for Mr or Mrs Right, it’s good to get your emotional baggage resolved in order for you to be a “big O” in the relationship. It sure is attractive to see someone with their head on straight and managing their life well physically and emotionally. The healthier you are, the more likely you will attract someone who is too!