Have you ever been to the doctor with an issue and gone to the office only to hear them tell you all the things you need to do to help yourself get better? Maybe it’s get some rest, eat differently, exercise, go home and take some medicine, schedule more tests, etc. Each of these has a common denominator- YOU doing something! You have a role in getting better and have to own your progress.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people come to therapy expecting a miracle. They want it to magically fix an issue in their life. But much like a medical doctor advising you on what you need to do to take steps down the road to healing, therapy works the same way. There are things you personally need to do to help yourself make the needed changes in your life to be healthier.

Here’s a few things to work on to own your progress to becoming a healthier you:

Humble yourself

It takes a lot to admit and realize you don’t have all the answers. When you humble yourself, it helps you see the need for others to speak truth into your life and circumstances. Asking for help is part of becoming healthier.

Look for blind spots

You don’t always see yourself the way everyone else sees you. Working on your personal insight can be a big step to own your progress. You may even want to ask a trusted friend to share a truth bomb with you about some blind spots they see that keep you from growing.

Always look for growth opportunities

We never arrive this side of Heaven. There are always opportunities to grow and learn more about who God wants us to be and how He desires us to live.

Avoid quick fixes

Sometimes it takes long, consistent, and steady progress in the same direction to see real change in your life. In my experience, this is how I see the most life changing transformations made. When people look for quick fixes, they often get impatient and give up quickly. Dealing with heart issues is a process and isn’t going to instantly go away. Just like a doctor wants you to rest, drink liquids, and nurse yourself back to health, it can take a while to get back to 100%.

Making change in your life is not always easy, but it does depend on you to own your progress. You must be willing to do the parts you can to make it happen. Remember you are not alone. With leaning on God’s strength and guidance and with a community that seeks to build up and sharpen each other, you are on your way to making healthy change.