Don’t new beginnings feel good?

Having a clean slate that you get to create from scratch as a new chapter begins can be energizing. Some might find it intimidating and uncomfortable, but I find it freeing.

I had lived my whole life in Ohio and Indiana until 2013. The adventure of moving to Florida to be part of planting a church was so invigorating. But more than that- it changed us. It became one of our many new beginnings in life.

We finished the chapter of our old lives in the Midwest without really seeing it was time to write a new one. Don’t get me wrong- our lives in Indiana weren’t bad. We are just different now. My husband and I were talking just the other day that we won’t go back to being those people. We can’t after all that God has done in our lives. It wasn’t until we started our new beginning that we realized how much we needed one.

Here are 3 ways to lean into new beginnings:

Say goodbye to the past

It is important to let go of the old in order to fully embrace the new. If I had wished and dreamed about living back in the Midwest when we first moved, it would have been hard for me to think of Florida as my new home. Whether it is a new relationship, job, or experience, comparing the old with the new may only keep you stuck in a ‘woulda coulda shoulda’ mindset. Say goodbye to the past and grieve it appropriately, then lift your eyes to see what’s on the horizon in front of you.

Push fear to the side

Fear can be horribly controlling. It infects your thoughts with subtle doubts that grow and bleeds its way into a spiral that paralyzes you. When fear is in control, that means faith is not. Once you see the fear of the unknown creep in, stop the thought, and focus on the truth. Fear’s job is to shift your behaviors based on the imagined worst case scenario. Combat fear with solid evidence of the truth and push it to the curb.

Keep digging for new insight

When we have new beginnings, we often learn a lot about ourselves. I know I have! I see who I was and who God is changing me into. With each piece of insight, I see the growth I’ve had on this journey. I encourages me, gives me confidence to keep going, and most of all makes me thankful for all God has done. Part of a new beginning should be about stretching ourselves and growing, not just about our circumstances changing.

So what are some new beginnings that have changed your life?