Do you try to stop yourself from feeling emotional pain in attempt to move on and just ‘get over it’? This ‘suck it up’ mentality may end up haunting you down the road.

I came across a quote by Renee Swope that hit the nail on the head about emotional hurts:

“Any time we bury a hurt alive, it will keep rising up from the dead to disturb us.”

Isn’t this true? How many times do we think we have gotten over a wound by ignoring it? Nature has a crazy way of healing itself.

Avoiding emotional pain will haunt us if we do not process the hurt, forgive the offender, and learn the lesson or the take away from the wound.

This process is painful and often scary for most people. But if we ignore the pain of a hurt, it will keep coming back over and over until the pain is healed. It can feel as if you’re experiencing the trauma all over again.

Healing is a difficult process. It means facing issues and often more pain before relief comes. But the freedom of being able to heal and forgive is amazing. Healing and forgiveness does not mean that you’re okay with the offense or the offender. It also doesn’t mean that you have to continue putting yourself in harms way to be re-wounded by the same person.

Remember that healing also isn’t a quick fix and can be a journey with bumps in the road. Ever recovered from a physical injury or illness? Had a baby? Had surgery? You likely didn’t bounce back instantly as if nothing had ever happened. It takes time for you to adjust and recover. The deeper the emotional hurt, the longer and harder the recovery can be.

Healing is about you and for you to experience freedom from the wound instead of it being a strong hold in your life. It’s about learning a new way to live without carrying all the pain around and trying to keep it in.

If you need help getting rid of the “ghosts” of your past, reach out to Renewed Horizon. We will guide you down the path of healing and help put emotional pain to rest!