When is the last time you were caught flirting in your relationship? Flirting can be a fun and playful way to connect with each other. It’s a simple way to show affection and care, but you may need some ideas for flirting in your relationship.

Flirting is defined as “behaving as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.”

So flirting doesn’t always have to lead to physically intimacy! Of course it can, but that’s not the main intention. It’s more of a playful way to communicate your attraction and care for each other.

Think about the adrenaline rush you feel from being the one flirting and/or being flirted with. It’s almost like having butterflies. Remember that warm, giggly feeling. It always feels good to be wanted by someone, and it can give your loved one’s self-confidence a boost.

Remember it doesn’t have to cost money or take too much time. It’s simple, playful, and in the moment.

Here’s a few ideas for flirting in your relationship today:

  • Leave a note in the shower wall using one of your child’s bath crayons- or use a dry erase marker on your mirror
  • Send a text saying you’re thinking of them and can’t wait to see them tonight
  • When walking by, show some physical affection (a soft touch, a pat, back scratch or quick kiss)
  • Send a funny emoji or gif that will make him or her laugh
  • Allow them to catch you looking at him/her and checking him/her out
  • Smile and wink
  • Send them a song that says the words you’re feeling
  • Leave a note in their car, on their desk, in their lunch bag, or in their wallet
  • Show up to their office dressed up and runaway for a lunch date…or to play hookie
  • Compliment them on how they look, a job well done, or for just being awesome
  • Make a list of things you love about them and leave it where they can find it
  • Boost him/her up in front of others. It always feels good to hear someone you love brag about you.
  • Get out of your comfy clothes sometimes and dress up to go somewhere nice together
  • Find a way to make him/her laugh
  • Have a candlelit dinner waiting for him or her when they get home
  • Tickle them when they aren’t expecting it
  • When they come in for a kiss, pull them in closer and kiss a little longer
  • Hold hands while you’re walking or driving
  • Come up with a ridiculous pick up line to use on him or her that ends with you both laughing
  • Turn off the technology and focus on each other
  • Make dinner together with fun music on and take breaks to dance together
  • Sing a song together in the car…carpool karaoke together!

There’s so many more examples of easy ways to flirt with your partner, but here’s a start!

The key is to make them feel cared for, show that they matter, and that they’re desired by you. Flirting in your relationship shows them you took the time to think of them in that moment and that they are worth your time. You might be amazed the ripple affect it produces in other areas of your relationship!

What are some fun ways you’ve been flirted with that made you smile?