You may be skeptical of the healing impacts of therapy if you’ve never tried it. How can an hour a week or every other week be healing? Well I will confess it is NOT because I’m a miracle worker, but it is because of God’s healing power that can work in and through a session.

God designed us to be in community with each other and to support each other through the highs and lows. It is one of the many gifts of being part of the body of Christ!

Did you know there are over 60 “one another’s” in scripture that instruct Christ followers on how to interact with each other? One of them is “Bear one another’s burdens” Galatians 6:2a. This is part of what happens when you spend time on my couch or screen for a therapy session. I am bearing people’s burdens.

Another verse that instructs us how to interact as believers is:

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

For those of us who have done this, you KNOW what this means. There is healing when you bring something from the dark into the light. This is what happens in therapy…a nonjudgemental, caring, unbiased therapist who listens, prays, and speaks truth and wisdom into your situation. This is a setting for healing in therapy.

Here’s what you can expect from the healing impacts of therapy:


Part of my role as a therapist is to follow up and press in to things you’ve committed to and desire to change. It’s one thing to talk about it, but many people need the weight of accountability to motivate them to follow through.


We ALL have struggles. This world we live in provides a roller coaster of experiences to navigate. One healing impact of therapy is that you have a safe and understanding place to come to where you won’t be judged. You can be real, vulnerable, and honest even with the difficult stuff. You’d be surprised how impactful it is to have an empathetic ear that listens, supports, and helps you understand the difficult and dark places you walk through.

Releasing the burden

Have you ever felt sick like you’re going to throw up and try to avoid it? But then you actually vomit and feel so much better to not be holding it in. Yes I know, it’s a gross analogy, but a good one. That’s often how it feels in therapy. You hold all the emotions in and throw it up in the session. Similar to feeling sick, you may feel tired and worn out afterwards, but you also feel so much better from releasing the burden. This is a powerful healing impact of therapy.

Direction for next steps

Many people come to therapy feeling lost and confused on how to proceed in their situation. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I do have wisdom from the Lord, years of experience of helping people navigate tough life circumstances, and resources to help point you in the right direction.

I am so thankful to have a job that allows me to have a front row seat to all that God can do through His transforming power. There is hope even amidst the difficulties of your life. If you need help and want to experience the healing impacts of therapy, reach out, and let’s get started!