Do you need to start healing past wounds? Sometimes people try to stuff down old hurts in order to try and make them go away, but in reality they don’t just vanish without effort and healing.

You might not know that a starfish can re-grow an arm that’s been severed. It can take years for the complete healing process to happen. But it is possible for a starfish to be totally healed and for there to be no evidence of the damage.

Many people walk into my office with old wounds. They carry pain and burdens around through life that drag them down and cause issues in their present life. Many do not consciously see the connection of the past wounds to the present issues, but I help them connect the dots. We don’t just have reactions, fears, or anger out of no where. It is rooted in us from experiences we have had. Our brains are wired based on our experiences.

Here’s a few things to remember when healing past wounds:

Don’t stay in denial

One of the key things I help teach my clients is that you don’t have to be “cursed” by your past, but you do need to understand its power. If we ignore it and pretend it doesn’t have an impact on us, we are denying part of ourselves.

Quiet the fear

Several of my clients are scared and intimidated by the healing of old wounds, but they don’t realize that living in the fear continues to give the hurts power over your life. Fear will block you from freedom.

Focus on hope

There is hope that even if it takes a long time to go through the healing- you CAN be healed.

Stick to it

The process isn’t easy or quick.The key is to get “through” the emotion to the other side of it in order to be free from it. Perseverance is a big part of the healing.

Don’t avoid it

It doesn’t “feel good” going through the healing process, which causes many people to avoid working through their issues. Sweeping pain under the rug won’t make it go away, nor will it make you feel better. It’s best to work through healing old wounds with a professional who can guide you.

Healing requires that you empower yourself over the past to weaken its hold on your present life. Don’t allow your past to determine your future happiness. You have a choice in healing past wounds and to be free!