Have you ever thought, “Does practice really make perfect?” If you’ve heard this or believed it at some point, you’ve probably found quickly that it’s false, wrong and a lie. Perfection is impossible.

Here are 3 correction statements to use when you ask yourself, “Does practice really make perfect?”

Perfection is impossible

Honestly, it’s a fairytale. It’s like saying when I grow up I want my life to be like Elsa or Rapunzel. Or I’m going to flap my arms and fly into the clouds. It can’t be attained. When we give ourselves a reality check and wake up call, we realize how ridiculous the idea of perfection is. Cut off the lofty goal by correcting it with this statement.

Believing things can be perfect = automatic failure

I don’t know about you, but it feels terrible to fail. The sick feeling in your stomach. The embarrassment. The negative spiral inside your head about all the “should’s” you should have done differently. Imagine inviting that into your life by believing perfection can really be attained. You will be constantly let down, disappointed, and feeling like a failure when you set perfection as your standard.

Practice helps make progress not perfection

Practicing IS a good thing. But it won’t lead you to perfection. It will help you make progress to get better. Being dedicated to excelling and growing is good and part of having disciple in life. Just make sure you have your goals set to a realistic place that you can be challenged, but not set up for failure.

So next time you are tempted by the idea “Does practice really make perfect?”, you can fight it off with these truths.