If you’re a parent, you probably know the impact of a greeting when your child welcomes you home with open arms and a loud squealing “Mommmmmmy” or “Daddddddy”. Doesn’t that warm welcome feel good?

Unfortunately outside of parenting, we don’t receive this kind of greeting very often. It is too common that a loved one comes home upset by his day and the traffic on the home. Or maybe a husband is met with an exhausted wife when he arrives home who instantly complains about all the chaos of her day from taking care of the kids.

When your first interactions with your spouse are negative and complaining, it robs you of connection.

My rule of thumb with clients is to make the first 60 seconds of your interaction positive. This makes the power of a greeting bring connection and allows spouses to know what they have missed while away from each other.

It’s important to pause what you are doing, acknowledge that they are home, and get up to talk, touch, and welcome them home. This kind of greeting can communicate your care and love for your partner.

Here’s what the impact of a greeting can say to your loved one in your relationship…

You’re important
You matter
You’re needed
You’re valued
You have something to offer
You’re my number one
I missed you
I’m so happy you are home

You may not be running to the door squealing your spouse’s name when they arrive home, but you will be sending the above messages when you welcome them with a warm greeting. What a simple way to send such a powerful message about what your spouse means to you!