Now that Christmas is past, we can focus on the fact that it’s almost the end of 2021! I don’t think anyone is sad about this!! A new year is about to begin which gives us all an opportunity to think about what goals we intentionally want to strive towards in 2022 and reflect on the ones we did or didn’t meet in 2021. Do you need some tips to help you meet your goals in 2022?

Many people go through the ritual of setting goals then they take 3 steps forward and somehow get derailed from the goal and abandon it all together. Some end up worse off than when they started. I have followed this pattern many times in my own life. It’s an example of what happens with ‘all or nothing’ thinking. But the last few years, I’ve taken a new approach to setting goals.

Here’s 5 strategies for how to meet your goals in 2022 :

Set realistic goals

Big dreams can equal big goals. That’s not a bad thing except that many people set themselves up for failure when they reach for the sky with their goals. When trying to meet your goals, it’s important to set ones that are a real possibility for you to accomplish. Beware of all or nothing thinking that can taint the reality of a goal you’re striving for.

Write goals down

Writing down goals is part of committing to them. When you write things down, it helps you focus on them. It also gives you the ability to “see” them and make sure they’re realistic. Making a list of your goals will increase your chances of meeting them. You can also write down measurable steps to take to meet the goals in stages so it doesn’t feel like such a huge thing to conquer.

Look at them

Why make a list if you never look at it again? Looking at your list of goals will help guide you down a path of accomplishing them. It helps to check in to assess how far you’ve come and how far you still have left to go at specific points in the year. When you see your progress, it helps motivate you to keep going and meet your goals. Set a calendar appointment every other month now to remind you to check your progress down the road.

Share them with others for accountability

Several of my goals are personal and only I would know if I meet them. But others are measurable by others and even involve others. I strategically share my goals with people who I know will cheer me on, call me out, and ask me a hard question about how far I’ve come. I have an awesome group of ladies at church that are willing to do life together int his way. This helps us all stay on track and be intentional with living on the path God wants for our lives, not just sticking to our goals.

Be Flexible

You may need to hold some things loosely and be flexible if/when something needs to change last minute from what you had hoped. We all know that our plans can be derailed easily by something out of our control these days.

As you are looking to set and meet your goals for 2022, I encourage you to add these strategies to help you be more successful.

What are some goals you’ve set and accomplished? How did you do it?