Do you know how gaslighting impacts relationships? Gaslighting is a term used in the psychology world that refers to a person who manipulates someone causing them to question what is real. It is commonly done in emotionally abusive relationships.

When a person gaslights, it’s hard to tell if they do it on purpose or if it’s a distorted part of their dysfunctional personality. Regardless, it’s destructive and can cause much pain and disconnection.

If you suspect you’re in a relationship with someone who gaslights, it’s important to educate yourself, set boundaries, and get help from someone who is trusted to give you wisdom on what to do.

Here’s how gaslighting impacts relationships:

It causes distrust

Gaslighting in relationships causes you to doubt and lose trust. It breaks down your ability to believe the gaslighter and often causes you to doubt yourself. When gaslighting has gone unidentified for a long period of time in your relationship, you will often lose trust in yourself due to the abuse.

It breaks down communication

Communication is extremely important in relationships. When communication breaks down, the relationship falls apart. Gaslighting twists things so much that it keeps you from getting anywhere constructive.

It leaves conflict unresolved

It isn’t uncommon for the receiver of the gaslighting to just sweep things under the rug to end the communication and to escape the abuse. The problem is that nothing gets resolved. There’s no moving forward on issues. It’s difficult to build connection when there’s so much baggage blocking you from doing so.

It halts vulnerability

It’s common for the gaslighter to use something vulnerable as a weapon. They know a weakness and exploit it in order to have power in the situation. When a person has been so hurt by this, it causes them to shut down vulnerability because it isn’t safe to be vulnerable.

It creates confusion

When gaslighting occurs, it often leaves someone in a state of confusion. The person receiving the gaslighting isn’t sure what’s real or not. They question and doubt themselves because the gaslighter is very sure and convincing of their position. There is a lot of second guessing after a gaslighting episode that may end with the person feeling like they are crazy.

As you can see, gaslighting is not a healthy way to communicate and interact in a relationship. If you have experienced gaslighting in your relationship, seek help for more information and guidance.