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Life can be hard, but it doesn’t mean we have to just suffer through without any support.

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Teri has a passion for helping marriages heal and reach a place of healthy communication, intimacy, and coping skills to build a strong partnership through all the rough spots in marriage.

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Sometimes family relationships need a guide to improve communication.

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“I ended up doing counseling with Teri through videoconferencing, which I think is a great option for anyone who feels their schedule is too tight or those feeling nervous/unsure/apprehensive about the whole ‘counseling thing’ in general.”
– 20 something, newly married female
“When she announced the move and the option to continue with videoconferencing, I wasn’t sure it was going to be for me. I enjoyed her office. It was comfortable and inviting. But, the office isn’t the reason you choose a therapist. I chose to continue because of her faith, character, skills, and her amazing ability to point me to the exact resource I needed to help me and my marriage grow. As it turns out, videoconferencing is quite convenient and easy. I really like the flexibility of flipping on the computer one minute prior to our scheduled time. I no longer have to make time for the drive.”
– 40 something wife and mom
“I have been counseled by Teri since 2007 and she is the best therapist I could ever hope to have. Not only has she helped me navigate through some very difficult life situations, but I am much more emotionally healthy because of her guidance. I have utilized her services over the phone and in person, and every time she has helped me process difficult life events in a healthy manner. Teri is professional, understanding, and I always feel confident and ready to take on life after our sessions.”
– 30 something male
“I cannot recommend her enough and always will! We transitioned easily from face-to-face to videoconferencing and I especially enjoy the videoconferencing as my husband and I can both meet with her together, from our home, and later in the evening. It works so well with our work/life schedules.”
– 30 something wife
3 signs you have whack-a-mole identity issues

3 signs you have whack-a-mole identity issues

Do you have to fight back the negative voices in your head that tell you who you "should be"? If so, you may have whack-a-mole identity issues. You know the carnival game, where you hold a mallet and wait for the mole to pop up. Then you hit it with the mallet and...

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Traits of a healthy relationship

Traits of a healthy relationship

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! As everyone is focusing on love right now, I thought it would be best to look at some traits of a healthy relationship. I am thankful to say that my husband and I have been married for almost 19 years and have a great relationship, but...

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Instilling character in your kids

Instilling character in your kids

Being a parent can be so hard! There is so much to juggle between education and activities, let alone the idea that we are trying to raise them to be upstanding adults some day. Just thinking about it can feel like climbing a mountain! It can be hard to think about...

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