Renewed Horizon provides individual, couples, teen, and family counseling in the following areas:

Individual Counseling

Life can be hard, but it doesn’t mean we have to just suffer through without any support. Teri works with individuals of all ages and stages of life dealing with perfectionism, depression, anxiety, codependency, faith development, addictions including food addiction, body image issues, self esteem, life direction struggles, stress management, infertility/miscarriage, grief, healing from childhood trauma, and divorce recovery. She also offers support to foster and adoptive parents as they adjust to life changes that occur from this ministry.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be amazing and difficult all at the same time. Teri has a passion for helping marriages heal and reach a place of healthy communication, intimacy, and coping skills to build a strong partnership through all the rough spots in marriage. Teri has experience with affair recovery, rebuilding connection after feeling like roommates, divorce prevention, issues related to miscarriages and infertility, and offering guidance for parents.

Relationship Counseling

Relationships in all stages can benefit from counseling. It is often better to be preventative and address smaller issues before they grow into bigger issues. Teri enjoys working with couples on communication issues, teaching fighting fair techniques, and pre­marital counseling.

Teen Counseling

Teenagers face many difficult trials. Friend issues, dating, conflict with parents, bullying, parent’s divorce, depression, cutting, and eating disorders are some of the top issues Teri has dealt with since she started working with teens in 2001.

Family Counseling

Families go through many stages. Some of them are more difficult than others and could benefit from an objective outsider to help. Whether it’s a parent and their child or the whole family, Teri has experience guiding families down a path of healing and improving communication. Teri also has experience helping divorcing/divorced couples establish healthy co­parenting strategies to help their children through divorce.

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