Am I a good mom? If I am not exactly good, am I good enough? Or, are my kids going to be messed up because of something I did? Do I spend enough time with them? Am I too overprotective? Have I taught them what they need to know to survive this crazy life?  What if ______(insert any typical mommy fear)?

These haunting voices of doubt can be relentless, and mothers ask me questions rooted in these doubts all the time. The truth is, I ask myself the same ones too. Mine come with added pressure because I am a therapist… But Teri, your kids aren’t supposed to struggle with that. Or, You teach your clients how to do these things, it shouldn’t be this hard for you.

Sometimes I can keep those voices at arm’s length, but other times, they shout at me. Doubt exploits my insecurities and sends me down a spiral full of questions. Have you ever doubted your ability to be a good mom? If you answered yes, you are not alone! Most moms doubt themselves and it can rob us of our joy and confidence in parenting. So here are ways that you can fight those voices of doubt….

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