We really want to yell, “I’m not okay!” But instead we say, I’m good. I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m alright. Ever said these words in response to someone asking, “How are you?” Were you being honest? Sometimes I’m not good, okay, fine, or alright. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed, sad, hurt, and scared. In our world, we so commonly respond with the stock answer that life is good and coasting along, but in reality, we all know that things aren’t always okay.

Fellow mommies, it’s okay to not be okay! Life is not always great and it’s time to stop pretending that it is. Being authentic that life can be hard at times makes you real and honest. Now I’m not saying that you need to spill out all life’s troubles to everyone you meet all the time. But I am saying that being real about not being okay with people you trust is a good place to start.

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