Have you been in a season of waiting longer than you wanted? How did you respond?

Some people get impatient and cranky. Others will get down and hopeless. But then there are some that actually GROW!

There is something to gain in the wait!

I’ve had many clients waiting to be parents, waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right, waiting for their spouse to change, waiting to heal from their pain, and waiting for the storm to pass. Some got lost in the wait and some experienced a transformation.

How can I grow in a time of waiting?

Much of the transformation boils down to your faith, ability to surrender your plan to God’s plan, and the mindset that this wait has a purpose. Ask yourself these questions next time you’re in a season of waiting to check your heart and set it on a path for transformation:

  • Do you have faith that God’s plan is better than yours? Many will intellectually say, ‘Of Course!’ But their actions may not show it.
  • Have you surrendered your idea of what “should” be happening? This is the continual open handed and open heart moments where you lay it down and ask God to take over. You wave the white flag and agree that this is not your issue anymore. You have given it away.
  • Are you noticing any heart change or character growth during this wait? This is where the transformation comes in. You should be able to see that God is stretching you in a way you may not have realized you needed.
  • Have you embraced the wait as something that is needed for you to be ready for what is ahead? I’ve had clients waiting to be parents for years and they realized once they actually became parents that the wait was necessary for them to be better parents. Had they become parents on their timeline, they would not have grown and learned what they needed to learn to be the parents they are today. Your wait has a purpose. It may be getting you ready for what’s to come or it may even be protecting you.

So next time you are in a season of waiting, ask yourself these questions to see if your heart is open to the transformation while you wait.

So what makes waiting so hard for you?