Courtney is wearing her negative lenses again. Everywhere she looks she sees the worst. Nothing feels good enough in her life. She always looks at what she doesn’t have instead of valuing what she does have. She feels like she will never achieve at the level her friends are. Courtney’s negative outlook needs the positive thinking cure!

Have you ever felt like Courtney? If so, you might be struggling with a negative outlook. This state of mind can cause people to struggle with negative self-talk, depression, and even cause relationship problems.

Here’s how to use the positive thinking cure for your negative outlook:

Look For The Positive

When you are Miss Negative, life will drag you down. If you shift to looking for the positive in any situation, you will start to see the sunshine through the gray clouds. Life is hard and is not always positive, but when you get into the habit of looking at the positive more than the negative you may have a change of heart. Here are some tips to help you change your negative thinking.

Compliment Instead of Complaining

Relationships suffer when you are a chronic complainer. People start to feel unappreciated and like they aren’t good enough in your eyes. If this is you, it is time to start complimenting. Next time your child has made a horrible mess making you a special gift, don’t go straight to the complaint. Start with the compliment that you are so happy they thought of you and took the time to make you something so creative. Then you can ask them to help you start to clean up all the paper scraps. Here is a great way to get started with iMOM’s 7 Day No Complaining Challenge.

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