As we near the end of 2016, I talk with many clients about bringing closure to this year and finding hope in 2017. I help people reflect on where they were compared to where they are now. I see people at various stages of struggle and growth. Some are stuck, while others are free from old pain. Some experienced horrible loss this year and are left stunned by it. Some are still trying to decide if change is worth it. Others wish they would have made these changes years ago.

Through all of it we look together to find hope in 2017. Some set goals and dream up ideas of how they can plan for a glorious year. Others sit in a cynical mindset that life will never be okay. While others are resting in the peace they have found this year.

Those peaceful ones have deep hope in what the future of 2017 will bring them. It’s not because they have it all figured out. It’s actually because they have surrendered to something greater.

As I counsel fellow Christ followers, I am able to see them reach the end of themselves in a way that frees them from their chains. I get to see God work in their lives in a way that breaks down what this world promises they should put hope in, and see God reveal His hope for them.

This song is a beautiful depiction of just that:

Vertical Church Band “Frontiers”


These lyrics are so moving and hope giving:

“I’m looking out beyond this great unknown,
Though I can’t see it.
One day I’ll see the place You call my home,
Lord, I’ll be near it….

Lead me to the end of myself,
Take me to the edge of something greater.

I am standing on the great frontiers,
Of your love, of your love.
You have overcome my deepest fears,
With your love, with your love.”

This song reminds me of the hope I have to let go of my agenda for what I want 2017 to look like, and anticipate the frontier that God has for me to navigate ahead. Maybe this year will be a year of preparing me more for the ‘greater’ He will lead me into. Maybe this is the year of ‘greater’. Only He knows.

As I make my own personal goals and reflect on my hopes for this year, I am mindful of this: “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Colossians 3:17

Regardless of where God leads my path next year, I have hope in the growth it will bring me and the path He will guide me down to explore.

There is a frontier ahead in 2017 beyond my dreams. My hope is in the One who will lead me to the edge of it and light my path along the way.

Praying you will find this peace and hope in all this coming year may bring.