Issues…everyone has them. There’s always a little “needs improvement” in our lives, whether it’s in our relationships, with parenting, as an individual, or even healing from a difficult childhood experience.

As a therapist I notice that there’s several challenging parts of making changes that block people from committing to a true turn around.

One that I see the most is that people wait too long to seek help. They finally reach out when things are spinning out of control and the issue feels too hard to tackle.

I’ve noticed that many of my clients are “tardy” to counseling. The issues have blown up and seem too overwhelming to dig through. They wait to try counseling as the “last attempt” to fix things, but in reality counseling should be a tool to use earlier before more damage is done.

Do you get your oil changed in your car as recommended? If you don’t, the consequence is that your engine will be ruined. It will take a lot of money and work to rebuild it.

The same is true with working on your issues. If you let it go too long, you may feel it’s easier to throw in the towel and “get a new car” rather than re-wire and heal all the wounds from the past.

When I meet with clients at this point, they feel “cursed” and that the problem at hand is irreversible. They don’t prioritize their personal healing until it’s out of control and they end up spending more time, money, and energy in the long run trying to feel happy again. But had they done work along the way, it wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

I’m not trying to say that counseling will always be easy and will “fix” everything if done earlier, but I can say that the journey is a great way to get started on taking control of your issues and managing them in a way that they aren’t overpowering your life. Besides everyone could use an emotional “tune-up” once and a while!

If you have a few issues that you can’t seem to conquer, don’t be late to therapy. Get a head start before the issues get more intense.