Have you ever thought about your family being an idol? Yes, of course, God gives us our family to care for, but it can be tempting to make it an idol when you prioritize them above what God has called you to do.

Take these next 4 minutes to really think about what Francis Chan is saying about this topic. This is so powerful for Christian parents to hear and reflect on this slippery slope.

Ask yourself this important question: “Is your family an idol?”

My family’s story

When I first heard this I was so energized. This is something that my husband and I are intentional and passionate about as parents. This is why we moved from Indianapolis to Florida to help start a church. It’s why we’re foster parents and allow our kids to be exposed to situations that pop our little bubble. And this is why we can’t wait to take our family around the world on mission trips.

It’s SO tempting to live in a comfort zone of the “Christian American dream”. Honestly, my husband and I were in this mentality when we first got married and had kids. We loved the home and life we’d created as a family as well as the careers that enabled us to have it. That all changed when God flipped our plans around and sent us to help start a church in Florida.

We felt the fear and discomfort of giving our Indiana lives up without the assurance that we’d be able to have any of it again. But the adventure of the faith it took to take these steps was a massive growth spurt and showed us a whole different understanding of being a Christ follower.

We repeated this pattern in our family when we became foster parents. This is far from living in a comfortable way! Our entire family has grown in amazing ways from this faith adventure. It has stretched us to become completely God reliant as we desperately seek His strength, comfort, and peace at each step.

What can you do?

I don’t share this to be “goody-goody”. I share it because these radical steps in faith have changed me and my family. In our surrender, we’ve found freedom from so much of the pressures of this world.

I work with many people that look for happiness through things, relationships, and opportunities. Their picture perfect vision is what they strive for, but they tend to miss that their vision can easily turn into an idol if they get tunnel vision. They’re so focused on their plan that they might miss the path God is trying to take them down.

I encourage you to think about taking steps of faith that are out of your comfort zone. This could be full of challenges for you and your family, but it could be just the thing needed to pop the bubble of the ‘Christian American Dream’ that can easily be the thing you worship.

So what do you think, is your family an idol? Pray for God to reveal it to you if so, and look for steps to make God’s plan the central focus of each step you take.