Many people are working from home due to this crazy global pandemic. Not only are people overwhelmed and stressed with all that has happened around us this past year, but many people’s careers look completely different too. If you’re one of the people who has been affected, you may need some help staying sane while working from home.

If you’ve been struggling, you may need to try one or all of these 8 tips for staying sane while working from home

Structure your day

Having a routine and schedule can make a big impact on how you feel about your day. Try getting up at a good time to have some “non-work” time before getting started. Maybe exercise, spending time doing devotions, make a yummy breakfast, or catch up on the news while drinking some coffee. Try to ease into your day instead of waking up and going straight to your desk.

Also taking a shower and putting on some “real” clothes can help you feel like you’re making a transition into your work day. Be sure to get organized and have a plan for your day as well as a part of the structure.

Eliminate distractions

Do you feel like you have ADHD while working from home? There can be a lot of distractions, so this is where you may need to get disciplined and set some boundaries with yourself. Try to give your self allotted times for some of those distractions. For example, only get on social media during your break or don’t keep your email up all the time and give yourself specific times you check it. You may also think about taking the dog who wants to constantly go outside to doggie daycare some days to help. Remember you had distractions in your office too, working from home just brings different ones. So you have to problem solve, set boundaries, and eliminate as many of them as possible.

Only use your work space for work

Having a designated work space to go to is huge when trying to stay sane while working from home. If you work from your bed or couch, you’re likely to struggle more. Mentally and emotionally it helps to have a designated area that “feels” like a work space to help you get in work mode. If possible, keep that area for work only so you can leave the space when it’s time to be done with work.

Take regular breaks

This is key to staying sane while working from home. Getting up, taking a walk, changing a load of laundry, etc. can all help to break up the feeling of groundhog’s day when working from home.

Integrate something each day that you enjoy

Along with taking a break, this can be something that helps too. Listen to your favorite music. Light a candle scent that you love and relaxes you. Set up a lunch with a friend. Head to your favorite coffee shop to get your favorite hot beverage. Plan something you look forward to after work is done to help you push through.

Try to see another human face to face that you don’t live with each day

Isolation fuels depression, so it’s important to not get stuck in a hole. I often suggest that people set a goal to see a human face to face that they don’t live with each day. I know Covid makes this complicated, so you have to find a safe way to do it. It could be a neighbor, barista, checking out at the grocery store etc. Just try to have a small interaction with someone outside of your house each day to help you remember there is a world outside your little space.

Try to have a clear stopping point each day

Setting a boundary of a hard stop for your day is helpful to staying sane while working from home. It gives you a goal and finish line to shoot for.

Stay far away from self destructive behaviors

Additions, endless hours of binge watching, arguments on social media, not keeping your space clean. All of these are things that can cause you to fall into a deeper struggle. Make sure you’re filling your down time with uplifting things rather than choices that will drag you down.


What are some things that help you with staying sane while working from home?