“I ended up doing counseling with Teri through videoconferencing, which I think is a great option for anyone who feels their schedule is too tight or feel nervous/unsure/apprehensive about the whole ‘counseling thing’ in general. I realize people still attach a stigma to counseling–that if you choose counseling, there must be a personal or family crises, that your marriage is on the brink, that you’re borderline out of control, and/or you have mental issues.

Counseling is for those things as well, but it’s UNTRUE that counseling is only for people in crisis situations. That was the case for me. There was no specific major problem. I just knew God was leading me to it. I was amazed at friends and family who tried to discourage me from doing counseling. In the end, I chose to do it for myself and it couldn’t have been a better choice for me, my walk with God, and my relationship with my husband. It brought awareness, freedom, and more. Sometimes, you just need someone there to help prayerfully and professionally sort through your life with you! Teri is caring, understanding, wise, balanced, and just a beautiful person. I value that she offers the perfect mix of support and space for you to sort things out for yourself. She doesn’t make herself a crutch or someone to cling to, but makes herself accessible. It’s so worth it to invest in your present and future emotional/mental health now. Don’t wait until things hit crisis mode if you can avoid it now! How silly! Save yourself heartache and learn healthy habits that will help you and those around you in a positive way. No need to be ashamed for investing in and helping yourself be more healthy and well-rounded! Thanks Teri!!!”

20 something, newly married female

Dear Teri,

I want to thank you for being our therapist. When I came into your office, I was a wreck! My husband and I were so far apart that we didn’t know how to recover. After having our meetings, we finally learned things about ourselves that we hadn’t taken the time to discover. With your help, we learned a lot. We opened up all the wounds and shared all the hurtful things. Your gift as a therapist is amazing! You were able to keep calm and always remembered every detail! I know that you listened intently to everything we said. You were always able to get to the core of the issues and you were able to give us tools to recover our marriage. I know now that marriage is always needing to be worked at and not taken for granted, and so does my spouse. My husband and I have strengthened our marriage and we are much happier. I feel like I as an individual have really blossomed from your guidance. I know my strengths and my weaknesses now.

My children are finally happy now. You were able to help them, too. My relationship with my spouse was hurting my children. If not for anyone else, I feel I did the right thing for them by repairing my relationship with your guidance. We always say you’re our angel. Thanks Teri.

Married couple with adult children

I have been counseled by Teri since 2007 and she is the best therapist I could ever hope to have. Not only has she helped me navigate through some very difficult life situations, but I am much more emotionally healthy because of her guidance. I have utilized her services over the phone and in person, and every time she has helped me process difficult life events in a healthy manner. Teri is professional, understanding, and I always feel confident and ready to take on life after our sessions. Whether it be professional, personal, romantic, or platonic, every one of my life relationships have significantly improved because of what I’ve learned during my time with Teri. I have referred multiple friends to her and I will continue to do so. Teri is the best therapist in the industry and I am lucky to have found her.

30 something male

I have been working with Teri for nearly 10 years. I started working with her individually to help me better understand what it means to be a less selfish husband and father. I grew so much with Teri individually that my wife and I then started working with Teri together, and continue to do so today. Not only does Teri demonstrate expertise in working with couples and families, but her approach is very warm and not at all clinical. I have and will continue to recommend Teri to any friends or colleagues that are looking for someone to help them deal with adversity or improve their general mental well-being.

40 something husband/father

“Teri has been instrumental in helping myself and my children transition from an intact family through a divorce and through the fallout that comes as a result of divorce. She has helped each of my children understand the importance of their own identity, setting correct boundaries, and has been instrumental in helping the children process through ‘discovering truth’ at age appropriate times.

My particular situation was fairly complex, but Teri was able to dial it down and dissect it into increments that we could all digest as needed. The videoconferencing is actually very valuable for a busy schedule. It saves time not commuting to and from appointments. We will continue to remain with Teri wherever she travels and wherever she lives because our kids have bonded with her. It is a valuable relationship.”

Mom of 2 college students and 1 teenager

“I have known and worked with Teri for 4 years. She is a wonderful and compassionate person, as well as a skilled therapist. Teri has the ability to make you feel comfortable and safe in the therapy setting. Her knowledge and expertise in a vast variety of subjects makes her a great fit for a diverse population. Her Christ-centered therapy techniques can help you move from pain and hurt to a life of health and healing.”

Colleague for 4 years

“God has a way of bringing the right people into your life at exactly the right time. I started working with Teri over three years ago, and I never would have imagined then the way that my life would be forever changed. I am not sure I can find the right words to express my sincere gratitude to Teri for all that she has helped me achieve personally and in my marriage. I began counseling at her office in Indy and transitioned to videoconferencing when she moved to Florida. When she announced the move and the option to continue with videoconferencing, I wasn’t sure it was going to be for me. I enjoyed her office. It was comfortable and inviting. But, the office isn’t the reason you choose a therapist. I chose to continue because of her faith, character, skills, and her amazing ability to point me to the exact resource I needed to help me and my marriage grow. As it turns out, videoconferencing is quite convenient and easy. I really like the flexibility of flipping on the computer one minute prior to our scheduled time. I no longer have to make time for the drive. Teri continues to offer support and guidance as I seek to strengthen my marriage, become a better mother, manage my career, and most importantly, grow in my faith. Teri helped me unwrap the greatest gift one can ever receive, and it has truly given me the opportunity to live a life of peace, contentment, hope, and joy.”

40 something wife and mother

“I have been in therapy/counseling with Teri Claassen for the past 4 years, and I’m thankful each and every day for her. She has helped me to make very profound changes in my life, and is truly a gift from God. I first started meeting with Teri in person, until she began offering video-conferencing. I must admit, it is very nice to talk to her from the comfort and safety of my own home.

Teri is a fountain of knowledge, non-judgmental, patient, and kind. She is also the perfect combination of being very professional, yet compassionate and caring at the same time. She doesn’t force anything, but rather has helped me see things differently….from a healthier perspective. She has helped me learn to love myself, overcome grief, conquer fears, and break addictions. I generally live a more stable, happier, and healthier life since I met Teri. She is also a genuinely good person and she is on your side. She will be your fan and will cheer you along while you make changes in your life!!”

50 something wife and mother of adult children

“I specifically began my counseling with Teri because of her experience working with patients who have gone through child loss. Had it not been for her empathetic listening and professional counsel and guidance, I would not be on the healing journey that I am today. God has used Teri to positively change the trajectory of my life to be one of an honest, open, learning, and growing woman. I only wish I had met Teri sooner.

I cannot recommend her enough and always will! We transitioned easily from face-to-face to videoconferencing, and I especially enjoy the video conferencing as my husband and I can both meet with her together, from our home, and later in the evening. It works so well with our work/life schedules.

After seeing Teri for a year, my boss noticed such a positive difference in my life and leadership skills–how caring for my mind is as is important as caring for my body and soul–that he pays for my monthly sessions with Teri.”

30 something wife and mother

I worked as a colleague with Teri for 9 years. I referred many clients to her and felt very confident in her abilities as a therapist. She is compassionate yet honest in her feedback to clients. She has a strong faith in God that guides her in her sessions and gives her the strength needed to do our profession. When I refer her, I often tell clients, ‘If I didn’t work with Teri, I would want her as my own therapist. She’s amazing.

Colleague for 9 years

“I have been working with Teri for four years with various frequencies. We have done sessions in person and virtually, and her expertise and compassion come across no matter the mode of interaction. Over the past four years, she has helped me to be a happy person. She has taught me the skills to cope with life’s ups and downs, as well as recognize my weaknesses and overcome them.”

30 something female

“I have worked with Teri on and off for the past 5 years and cannot say enough positive things. She initially worked with my husband and I through marriage counseling to help us get back on track during a very difficult period of family illness and life changes. Our marriage is stronger than it was before and when we need to check-in with Teri to work through issues, she is always able to help us. Most recently, she has helped me get through anxiety I was experiencing during another major life change. Having someone to talk to when you’re struggling who can give you tools to calm yourself down and sort through what you’re feeling is something we all need, and Teri is amazing at this. She is great at giving you a different perspective and helping you come up with a plan for what can be done to help your situation. I have a great deal of comfort knowing that when life gets tough and anxiety or depression or anything else flares up, I already have a lot of tools I can use to get through it and I always have Teri to help me when I need it.”

30 something wife and mother

Meeting with Teri has been the only self-care I’ve maintained since 2011. She’s better than a massage or mani-pedi! She helps me focus on what matters. She’s my compass and helps me stop, breathe, and come up with a plan. I love the mobility of the videoconferencing. I can just plug her into my life wherever I am. Thanks Teri!

40 something mom of 3